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Telling our story – LIFE

The information that is provided from the LIFE project and other studies will not only allow us to tell our story but also share our story with others.

Matters of the HEART

February is recognized as Heart Month in Jamaica. High blood pressure is one of the leading risk factors for cardiovascular disease. All participants in the LIFE study have blood pressure measured. The LIFE Project is an island-wide cohort (follow up study) being conducted in Jamaica to understand the reasons why high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are common.

CAIHR amplifies the fight against Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

CAIHR through its Living in Full Health (LIFE) Project is increasing health research efforts and embarking on a collaborative cohort approach study, where 8,000 Jamaicans will be enrolled and monitored over time in order to understand the role of genetics, social, environmental and lifestyle factors in cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

About Us

At The Life Project, we study the causes of cancer, cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes to better understand, diagnose, treat and prevent these diseases in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.


For Participants

Interested in participating in the life study? Your participation will help us to maximise the chances of learning lifesaving information about cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.



Access a wide range of informational sources to meet the social, financial and health needs of participants, patients and caregivers.


The Science

We are studying the causes of cancer and cardiovascular illnesses & diabetes to better understand, how to prevent, diagnose & treat black patients in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean.